Monday, June 8, 2009

The Continuing Tale of Auburn Road Vineyards

The Continuing Tale of Auburn Road Vineyards

We’ll assume since you clicked on this section of the website, that you are at least curious about how we got here and how Auburn Road Vineyards came to be. It is kind of a rambling and difficult story to tell, as most stories worth telling are, especially since we didn’t really keep any kind of journal as it was happening. So we figured we’d just tell it from memory, the whole bunch of us, and leave it to you to make it through as much of it as you can stand. It will always be here, at this spot on the website, so you can always come back later and pick up where you left off. If this gets into some really ridiculous detail, feel free to skip ahead. We are actually doing this as much for ourselves as for you. As this was all happening, we didn’t really have very much time to stop and look back so this is really a way for us to step back and take stock of what has happened to us and what we’ve done….

By the way, the names in front of each paragraph indicate who is writing and remembering. For the time being, you have only me (Captain America) to tell the story. Hopefully, soon we will have input, recollections, corrections and more stories that I probably forgot from the rest of the crew. But for now, let me give you the basics:

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