Monday, June 8, 2009

Chapter 9 - Planting the right way - May 2005

Chapter 9 – Planting the right way – May 2005

Captain America: In 2005, we planted the back 3 ½ acres of the property, this time using a planting machine we borrowed from Ross. This machine had been made by the Amish and is a true marvel of engineering. We planted all 3 ½ acres in 2 ½ days. We then put the metal trellis posts in, this time with a mechanical post driver that we named Eddie after the mascot for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden because Eddie the Pole Driver was the angriest piece of farm machinery we had ever seen. To work with Eddie was to take your life in your hands. But Eddie did the job and the posts were all in within a day.

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