Monday, June 8, 2009

Auburn Road Part I: The Beginning...Chapter 1

Part I: The Beginning…
Chapter 1: How We Met

Captain America: I guess I’ll start the story as far back as I can remember. Back in the late 90’s, Jules and I were living in the Queen Village section of Philadelphia. I was a young lawyer working as in-house counsel for a securities brokerage firm called Fiserv Securities in Philly. Jules was a litigator with a small law firm in the city. I managed several departments at Fiserv and I was hiring for a position in one of them. To fill the spot, I stole from a neighboring department a young, tall skinny fella who I found to be one of the hardest working dogs I had ever seen in my life. This guy obviously turned out to be Dave. He had just recently graduated from Penn State and was commuting each day from Allentown, PA. He and I beat our brains out working for Fiserv and saw in each other both a common work ethic and a profound dislike for what we were doing for a living. Working in the HR department for Fiserv was Jen, sweet and cheerful as always. Jen had a sister, Shannon, who, after years of bartending, was looking for a steadier job. Jen brought her to Fiserv and Shannon took up shop as a project manager in our IT area. It was while working there that she and Dave met. I can still remember Dave coming into my office to get my opinion on dating a co-worker. I am reasonably certain I told him to knock himself out. Jen was also dating a guy named Joe. I remember meeting Joe at the company picnic one summer at the Philadelphia Zoo. Joey seemed like a pretty nice guy - didn’t say a whole lot. But I had heard he was a bass player like me, so that was pretty cool.

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