Monday, June 8, 2009

Chapter 3: Planting the Test Vineyard

Chapter 3: Planting the Test Vineyard…

Captain America: So in went the vines – 10 cabernet sauvignon and 10 merlot plants. I took two of them home to Queen Village and planted them on our postage stamp of a back patio and grew them over the trellis we had just built. As far as I know, the vines are still there.

Dave and I then started making wine in my basement in Queen Village with one of those wine kits that come in a box: cabernet sauvignon juice, a carboy, several color coded packets of stuff ( I assume one of which was yeast) and some oak chips. The instructions told you which colored packet to add when.

I should add at this point that our respective wives thought we were crazy. It turns out our pal Rob did too. He ultimately decided he could not match the obsessive, and frequently misguided, zeal that Dave and I had for this adventure. Dave and I were undeterred. The wine we made was absolute crap. The vines grew but were getting chomped by bugs and corroded by fungus. Dave dedicated himself to figuring out how to get these vines to grow. I began to write a business plan. We all had more kids. Dave and Shannon had Montana and Jules and I had Jake.

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