Monday, June 8, 2009

Chapter 13 - Epilogue

Chapter 13 - Epilogue

Captain America: I helped sell the Philadelphia Stock Exchange to Nasdaq and I ultimately left for good on September 30, 2008. No more day job. No more commuting. Now we have to keep working hard so I never have to go back. We are still working on trying to liberate Dave. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer. He’d be great as a full time farmer. Then we are going after Jen and Joe.

And we are real live winemakers now. Our first vintage of the Pinot Grigio we planted and grew won a gold medal for the best Pinot Grigio in the Garden State. Our very first Merlot Reserve won a bronze. It shocked us all. We hadn’t even paid the entry fee to get into the competition thinking we had no prayer of winning anything and $25 is a lot of money to a small winery. Then our Classico 07 won a silver medal at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition. And in spring of 2009, we won eight…that’s right eight….. medals for our wines in the annual New Jersey Wine Competition. Classico got a gold. Silvers for Merlot Reserve 07, Sole , Chardonnay Reserve 08, The White Bottle 08, and Pinot Grigio 08. Rosalita and Rustica took home a bronze a piece.

It is really pretty hard to believe I let myself think about it….

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